Twitter Blocks Third-Party Clients: Developer Agreement Update

Twitter has recently updated its Developer Agreement, effectively preventing Twitter from Blocks Third-Party Clients from accessing the platform. This move has resulted in popular apps such as Twitterriffic and Fenix becoming practically unusable, as they no longer have access to Twitter’s API and were shut out earlier this week.

The new rules prohibit developers from “creating or attempting to create a substitute or similar service or product to the Twitter Applications.” Developers of these apps have been informed that their platforms have been “suspended.”

The Twitter API is only used to integrate Twitter Content, which means embedding tweets. However, developers are no longer allowed to change. How the information appears to the reader or modifies any of the visual elements.

This move has been seen as a means for Twitter to block third-party platforms. As they offer similar features such as Twitter Blue. And also are not able to serve ads through the API. Limiting the ability to monetize users using these clients. This move can be seen as a consolidation of earnings for the social media giant, given the uncertain financial times ahead.

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