Chrome for Android

In light of Data Privacy Day, which is celebrated on January 28th, Google has shared some tips on how to stay safe on its Chrome browser. Along with these tips, the tech giant also revealed that a new feature is being added to the Chrome for Android app. This feature will allow users to lock their Incognito Tab Locking when they leave the app, providing an extra layer of security and privacy.

The new privacy setting works by allowing users to unlock these tabs with their screen lock. Be it through biometric information, a PIN, or a pattern. This feature is particularly useful for devices that are shared by multiple people, as it allows users to keep their browsing history private and secure.

When Chrome is opened and a user wants to use Incognito Tab Locking after their phone has been locked. A prompt will appear on the screen asking them to use their preferred screen unlock method to verify their access. However, the public tabs will remain publicly available.

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This feature is a significant step towards providing different profiles for different users on Chrome for Android. It is also worth noting that this feature is still rolling out. So some users may have to wait a bit longer to receive it.

Google’s focus on privacy and security is a positive step towards providing. Users with a safer and more secure browsing experience. As the internet becomes an increasingly essential part of our daily lives. It is important that we take steps to protect our personal information and browsing history. The addition of this feature to Chrome for Android is a significant step. In that direction and it’s worth keeping an eye out for it.

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