Modern Warfare 2 is a popular first-person shooter game that offers players the ability to customize their weapons with various camouflages. One of the most coveted camouflages is the Gold Camo, which is a symbol of prestige and skill. However, some players may encounter an issue where they cannot How To Fix Can’t Equip Gold Camo In MW2 with their weapons. In this article, we will explore some possible solutions to fix this issue.

Section 1: Verify Unlocking of Gold Camo

The first thing to check is whether you have unlocked the Gold Camo for the weapon you are trying to equip it on. To do this, navigate to the weapon in the Create-a-Class menu and select the Camouflage option. Check whether the Gold Camo is unlocked for that weapon. If not, you will need to complete all of the weapon challenges to unlock it.

Section 2: Check for Game Updates

Another reason for not being able to equip Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2 could be outdated game files. Make sure that your game is updated to the latest version by checking for available updates in the game’s main menu or through your console’s update system. If updates are available, download and Then install them.

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Section 3: Clear Cache

Data Cache data can cause issues in-game, including not being able to equip Gold Camo. Clearing the cache data can help fix this problem. To do this, go to your console’s settings and find the storage options. Clear the cache data for Modern Warfare 2 and restart the game. Try equipping the Gold Camo again.

Section 4: Try a Different Weapon

If the issue persists, try equipping the Gold Camo with a different weapon. Sometimes, the problem is specific to one weapon and not the game itself. If the Gold Camo works on a different weapon, it could be a bug or glitch with the original weapon.

Section 5: Contact Support

If none of the above solutions work, it may be best to contact Modern Warfare 2 support for further assistance. They can help troubleshoot the issue and provide additional solutions.

How To Fix (solve) cannot Equip Gold Camo In MW2

If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you might have experienced an issue where you can’t equip the gold camo for your weapons. This issue can be frustrating, especially if you’ve worked hard to unlock the gold camo.

Here’s how to fix the “mw2 cant equip gold” issue in Modern Warfare 2:

Restart the game and console

The first thing you should try is restarting the game and console. Sometimes, this can fix minor glitches that prevent you from equipping the gold camo. Turn off your console completely, unplug it from the power source, and wait for a few minutes. Then, plug again in and again start the game.

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Check your progress

If you mw2 cant equip gold, it’s possible that you haven’t unlocked it yet. Check your progress by going to the challenges tab in the multiplayer menu. Look for the challenges related to the gold camo and check if you’ve completed them. If you haven’t completed them, you need to do so to unlock the gold camo.

Check your load-outs

Make sure you’re trying to mw2 cant equip gold for a weapon that you’ve already unlocked it for. If you haven’t unlocked it for a particular weapon, you won’t be able to equip it. To check which weapons you’ve unlocked the gold camo for, go to the Create-a-Class menu and look for the gold camo in the camo options for each weapon.

Try a different game mode

If you’re unable to equip the gold camo in one game mode, try a different one. There may be a glitch in the game mode you’re currently playing that’s preventing you from equipping the gold camo.

Clear your cache

Clearing your cache can also help fix issues with the game. To clear your cache, go to the System Settings on your console, select Storage, and then select Clear System Cache. This will clear the cache for all games on your console, so make sure you save any important data before doing this.


The Gold Camo in Modern Warfare 2 is a highly sought-after customization option. If you are unable to equip it, try verifying the unlocking of the camo, checking for game updates, clearing cache data, trying a different weapon, or contacting support. By following these steps, you should be able to fix the issue and equip the Gold Camo with your weapon of choice.

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